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Free 45 minute assessment from Stick With It Business Coaching

Offer Description:

With the COVID crisis hitting small businesses hard, future proofing your business is essential so that it can weather future storms in these uncertain times.
Growing your business the right way can be overwhelming – PPC, Facebook Ads, Blogging, SEO….the list goes on, and there’s more to growth than just getting leads.
A strategic approach ensures more revenue but more importantly, more profits, as money in the bank is essential to keep a company secure. 

You cannot afford to take a spray and pray approach, picking the latest tactic and throwing money at it, hoping that it might pay off.

If you are looking to build your business up to be more robust than ever, the Profit Opportunity Assessment will discover the best ways for YOUR business to create the most impact in the shortest time.

In a typical 45 minute session, we follow a 3 step process:
*Go in-depth to establish the businesses current financial and strategic baseline.
*Uncover areas that can create the most immediate and impactful financial breakthroughs.
*Create an implementation plan that serves as a roadmap for the business to follow to grow their business significantly.

Following the assessment, you’ll get the road map that details the steps to take and the order to take them in to enjoy the most growth in the shortest time.

Think of it as a Sat Nav for a company’s business growth; it figures out where you are and shows you where to go, as well as the best way to get there.

Free for the first 10 Dorset Chamber Members who take advantage of our great offer.

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