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Business Insights

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The purpose of Business Insights is to provide informative insights to overcoming common business challenges faced by the business community.

Our criteria

Must haves:

  • Interviewee must be a business owner, founder or co-founder or a senior director of their organisation.
  • The interviewee must be representing a business who is a current member of the Dorset Chamber.
  • The interviewee must have an interesting / insightful story relating to:
  • a) A successful outcome. For example: significant business growth, achieving a major goal or winning an award.
  • b) Overcoming adversity or common business challenges. For example: Current market forces, technological innovation and change, regulation or talent acquisition.

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We are committed to helping Dorset’s businesses succeed and our video content is a high-value way for us to achieve this. As a sponsor of our video content you can align your brand/ business with rich video content that is distributed across all of our digital channels inluding LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Dorset Chamber website as well as our YouTube channel. For more information about sponsoring our video content please contact Stuart Dixon, Head of Marketing at Dorset Chamber on 01202 714810.