New marketing co-ordinator for Dorset Cyber firm

Fast-growing Dorset ICT and cyber-security firm C3IA Solutions has appointed a Marketing Co-ordinator as it continues to expand.

Lydia Veasey will be focusing on growing the digital presence and sales at the business that is headquartered in Poole.

The company has around 150 people and delivers a broad range of technology and security projects across the public and private sectors.

By taking on a dedicated marketing professional C3IA plans to promote its increasing number of services, in addition to ongoing growth through its reputation and referrals.

Lydia has experience in the legal and education sectors and is now turning her talents to the fast-paced technology and cyber sector.

The graduate in Anthropology and International Development said: “It’s fantastic to join a sector which is completely new to me and I’m excited to learn more about cyber security.

“C3IA does such brilliant and varied work, not only within the IT and cyber security areas but supporting community projects as well.

“I’m looking forward to sharing their success stories and exploring new ways to promote this rapidly growing business.

“IT transformation and supporting cyber security are important areas that are growing all the time and affect every business.

“C3IA Solutions was one of the first companies to be accredited by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and its staff have a wide range of skills and expertise.”

Rupert Irons, from the company, said: “We have grown quickly and recruited a number of excellent staff in the last year and we really needed someone to take on the marketing role.

“Lydia comes highly recommended from the education sector where she honed her digital and marketing skills.

“We work for government agencies both here and abroad, but our work for private business has expanded rapidly.

“The threat of cyber attacks is filtering down to all businesses now and they realise the damage a breach can do.

“So in the same way they have smoke and burglar alarms installed and lock their doors and windows when their premises are empty, business leaders are now aware that protecting their systems and data is just as important.”

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