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OEMAchem has formula for success

Posted on: 14/02/2020

A global chemicals company has enjoyed a record-breaking start to the year with rising demand from the marine sector.

OEMAchem supplied 150 tonnes of marine chemicals for 17 vessels on four continents in the first month of the year – including four leading cruise lines.

The growing firm’s services include the specialist manufacture, test, analysis, supply and monitoring of chemicals across multiple sectors.

Managing director Mark Chiverton said: “It’s been a superb start to the year and has set us up for a fantastic 2020.

“We enjoyed a record-breaking January in terms of revenue and activity, with demand from the marine sector continuing to strengthen.

“This has been partly due to our ability to provide chemical solutions to help shipping meet increasingly stringent nitrous oxide (NOx) abatement regulations aimed at cutting air pollutant emissions.

“More generally, it can also be credited to our capacity to provide a wide range of managed services and solutions for everything onboard from swimming pools and spas to engineering and waste treatment.

“Many operators in the cruise, freight, tanker and container sectors are seeking greater value and efficiencies, which we are able to provide globally as well as domestically.”

Mark added: “Whether in the marine industry or the other sectors in which we operate, we pride ourselves on our professional and innovative approach.

“We have a friendly and experienced team with a focus on customer service and swift turnaround times, and I hope our emphasis on respect and transparency is clear in all we do.”

During the first month of the year OEMAchem provided services for cruise line clients in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia – in Southampton, Singapore, Barbados and Melbourne.

The firm, with 15 staff at its head office at the Trinity Court in Brunel Road, Totton, was founded in 2005.

It manufactures and supplies more than 400 chemicals for such uses as waste oil and water treatment, solvent cleaners, biocides and sanitisation.

The firm uses cutting edge technology for its independent analytical and testing services in the laboratory and on site in a variety of environments.

This includes contaminates and substances in oil, fuel, soil, gas, air and aggregates as well as in leisure, waste, cooling and drinking water.

Regulations have been introduced to make the marine sector cut greenhouse gas emissions such as NOx and sulphur dioxide.

Chemical processes which ‘clean’ engine exhaust emissions before they are released into the atmosphere are among the methods to make vessels greener and cleaner.

OEMAchem’s clients range from small businesses and domestic customers to global cruise lines, major ports and shipyards.

Visit, call 02380 707686

PICTURE: CHEMICAL REACTION: Staff from OEMAchem with managing director Mark Chiverton, front second left

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