One Couple One Lawyer: The new model for amicable divorce

Under the new ‘one couple, one lawyer’ model, ex-partners can use the same lawyer to get a divorce.

This approach can have many benefits, potentially making the divorce process quicker, smoother and easier for couples.

In his latest article, Family Expert Andrew Stynes outlines these benefits and how the new model works.

Can one lawyer act for both parties in a divorce?

Yes, it is now possible for one lawyer to act for both parties involved in a divorce under the new ‘one couple, one lawyer’ model introduced earlier this year.

As part of the new approach, spouses will be represented by the same lawyer who will assist in the application for divorce and advise on dividing finances and making child arrangements.

The launch of this new model follows on from the introduction of No-Fault Divorce in 2022. As well as removing the need for either party to blame each other for a relationship breakdown, No-Fault Divorce also allowed couples to jointly apply for divorce for the first time.

One couple one lawyer is almost the next step on from joint applications. Read how joint applications work here.

What is resolution together?

In line with this new model, Resolution, the family justice body, have launched ‘Resolution Together’ which follows the same ‘one couple, one lawyer’ approach.

Andrew Stynes, Resolution Together trained lawyer, said: “The new one couple one lawyer, or Resolution Together, approach is another step in the right direction in making divorces easier and quicker.

Having now received my training in this area, I am looking forward to helping couples to reach the best outcome together.”

When can a solicitor act for both parties?

The ‘one couple one lawyer’ approach works best in amicable separations, where both you and your ex-partner are happy to work together for your and your children’s benefit.

For separations that are less amicable, this approach may not be best suited as it will likely be difficult or even impossible for conflicting partners to work together.

What are the benefits of one couple one lawyer?

Separating using just one lawyer to separate can be much cheaper that the traditional route of instructing one lawyer for each partner. Costs will be shared between you and your ex-partner.

In addition, the resolution together method can also lead to a quicker divorce as there aren’t two solicitors involved who would usually negotiate and go back and forth on things such as child arrangements and finances.

With one lawyer, and in an amicable relationship, couples can come to a mutual agreement even before instructing a solicitor.

Read the full article here.

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