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Business Coaching Dorset Ltd

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Primary Category: Business Coaching/Consultancy

There is nothing more rewarding than working with entrepreneurs to help them transform their lives. The process .
begins with a deep exploration of what's important to you as an individual – this is not just about 'what you
want' but rather 'what you really want'. The emphasis on 'really' is a subtle one and yet it's where the magic
What was your real intention when you started your business? Time freedom? Creative freedom? The desire to
leave a legacy? Adventure? Or perhaps the incentive was to make lots of money? In most cases it's a.
combination. What's interesting however is that as businesses grow, owners lose their connection with what's
really important. They get sucked in. The tail starts to wag the dog. But it happens slowly so it's somehow less
My obsession is in helping you regain control. Proper control. This is where we re-examine what you really want in
your life and your business (of course your business is nothing more than an extension of your life).
If you can turn your business into a vehicle that supports, and is intimately aligned with, your greatest life goals,
then you take charge of your life and elevate yourself out of the day to day. You want to be the conductor of
the orchestra enjoying the music. That's your privilege for the risk you have taken. For my part, I'm a super-high-
performance Business Coach and ActionCOACH partner. I'm also a serial business owner having built 7
businesses over 30 years. I've had major struggles, ups and downs, great successes and some failures.

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