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Nicola Green Consultancy

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I provide practical advice and support to help organisations address menopause in the workplace.

My passion is to help eradicate the taboo subject of menopause from the workplace and remove the stigma around the age of a menopausal woman.
The benefits of making a shift in the workplace culture by opening up this topic include; reduced attrition, lower sickness absence, increased loyalty and engagement, improved culture, increased employer profile and so much more. 

I work with organisations to provide bespoke presentations and training sessions for employees and managers.

My presentations/training sessions provide education, information and support and are for all ages and genders. I beleive that we all need knowledge in order to support ourselves and others on a topic many of us have little knowledge.

My presentations/training sessions include a completely open and honest account of my own premature menopause and the impact it had on my own personal and work life, together with information and facts, symptoms and practial tips to help manage them and bespoke workplace support. 

My work ensures menopause can be talked about openly and comfortably in the workplace. 

Recent feedback: "Your presentation changed my life". This particular lady was able to seek support in the workplace and from her GP following my presentation. I have connected with her since and she is now living a new life. 

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