Parley Place care home hosts YMCA Bournemouth’s Sleep Easy 2023 campaign launch

Parley Place Care Home in West Parley hosted an evening of inspiration for the launch of the YMCA Bournemouth’s Sleep Easy Campaign for 2023. Sheena Dayman, Events Manager for the YMCA, gave a presentation on the breadth of work the YMCA do to support people in need including introducing this year’s Sleep Easy campaign and encouraging the local community to get involved.

To take part in the Sleep Easy campaign, businesses are invited to sleep rough for one night in a cardboard box, this year in the grounds at Talbot Woods School on 14th October 2023. Staff members from Parley Place have pledged to take part in the event and along with residents are busy fundraising and planning to do their bit in support of the campaign.

Several local businesses came together for the launch including Lester Aldridge who sponsored the event at Parley Place. Lester Aldridge have been the main sponsor of the Sleep Easy campaign for last 4 years and have raised over £20,000.

YMCA CEO Gareth Sherwood comments: “YMCAB has been transforming lives in our local community for over 140 years, through economic crashes, epidemics, and wars; and we still strive to serve humanity with the same compassion, hope faith and dignity as ever. Once again we’re asking the people of Bournemouth to get behind the campaign and sleep rough to support those who need help when the going gets tough.”

Mark Benham, Partner at Lester Aldridge, said: “I have huge respect for those of you who are brave enough to participate in the Sleep Easy campaign.  It will be tough going, but I have no doubt that, like us, you will find it a rewarding and totally unforgettable experience.”

Sheena would like to see 100 business people get involved this year so for further details on this year’s Sleep Easy campaign please contact Sheena Dayman,

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