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Dovetail Recruitment Celebrate Success

Posted on: 06/04/2018

Samantha and Laura from the Dovetail team have been celebrating their success in passing their Recruitment exams – Cert RP!

They are delighted to have all that hard work behind them – 3 months intensive study in fact-  which they had to juggle with full-time jobs and busy social lives :0) It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted!

But we’re pleased to say it was all worth it, as they both now have a certificate to be very proud of and letters after their names –  Cert RP!

What did they have to do?

  • They covered 6 Topics in depth, including:
  • Understanding sales for recruitment
  • Understanding legal and ethical requirements in recruitment
  • Understanding relationship management in recruitment
  • Understanding recruitment operations
  • Understanding the recruitment market
  • Understanding the principles of assessing people

So, what got you through it girls?

Laura: “Lighting candles, Jolly Rancher sweets and listening to Rachmaninov” – As a music graduate it looks like Laura’s study habits die hard – but they obviously work!

Samantha: ”I tackled the onslaught of studying with embarking on a dry January at the same time” – That’s a double whammy for Samantha!

This now means all of our recruitment consultants are fully certified and ready to assist our clients with all of their recruitment needs. I can confidently say they can handle it.

We knew you could do it – really well-done girls!


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