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Putting the ‘Social’ back in ‘Social Media’

Posted on: 13/05/2021

We don’t normally speak much about the internal workings of the Chamber but the change to social media algorithms this year is something that affects any businesses using social channels. 

Don’t switch off!

If you just heard ‘algorithm’ and ‘social media’ in that sentence, please don’t switch off! We can all help each other to ensure all the good news we all have to share reaches the people who follow us, which isn’t the case as it stands.

It’s simple: before algorithms social media posts would be seen in the chronological order they were posted in, to followers.  Now content is only shown to those who are deemed by the algorithm to be the most interested in the content.  However most of us haven’t opted in, and we don’t have a choice – the algorithm decides for us. This means sometimes we / our audience misses information that could really be of benefit.

The introduction of algorithms means businesses like ours – and yours – need engagement to keep the information flowing. So what can we do to help each other?

  • Go to ‘settings’ on your channels and opt to see posts from Dorset Chamber first.
  • Engage with us – a few likes, the odd comment and even a share of useful information all helps. It’s incremental; if you engage in a post the algorithm will see it and allow others to see it too… and when they engage, yet more will see it. Get the gist?
  • Members, tag us! We want to hear about your good news and business successes so we can respond and help your social engagement too.

Algorithms are putting the ‘social’ back in ‘social media’ by encouraging people to respond and interact with posts, but that really means everyone needs to engage more too.


You can find us as Dorset Chamber on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  See you there!

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