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Quarter of a Million Invested in Voip Unlimited UK Network Core

Posted on: 25/04/2018

Continuing the momentum for the creators of soaring Cloud Telephony platform Voip Exchange, Voip Unlimited (VU) have announced a successful quarter of a million pound investment in their UK Network.

With the installation of first class hardware used by London’s financial sector for its switching speed of over 20 Terabits per second and a refreshed topology design of their inter DC rings, VU have set a secure foundation for future engineering enhancements without customer downtime. The company are now offering 10Gbps standard copper ports scaling to 100Gbps fibre, increased resilience & speed.

VU engineer’s nighttime works have increased their backplane switching speed to 20 Terabits per second increased the standard copper port to 10Gbps scaling up to 100Gbps fibre and enabled a smarter inter-DC rings. The company say the investment  and improved inter DC network topology separates Voip Unlimited from the legacy network providers who can often postpone network improvements for fear of downtime.

The decision to make the core improvements was a strategic decision my MD Mark Pillow who wants to keep his network’s reputation flawless and, in line with new cloud platform Voip Exchange, wanted the enhancements to be felt by all new and existing customers. There is a rise in businesses adopting unified cloud communications, to enable not only their CRM, emails and portals be accessible anywhere but also now voice – as a voice optimised network provider, VU continued to honour this with the best equipment.

“Our skilled engineers made large core network improvements in the dark of the night with minimal downtime, this was a proud moment for me and walks the walk that our network has been built intelligently from day one. With the uptake in our Cloud platform Voip Exchange ramping up recently, we brought the core works forward.

Fine tuning our network even adjusting milliseconds enhancements is a responsibility we take seriously, and once again sets us apart with our precedence on utmost quality. 2018 is already showing a year IT managers are prioritising customer service & responsiveness across their platforms and with large clients in F1 & government agencies we need to be top of our game with a network able to continually improve without a blink from our valued clients. Alongside enhancing our network, we are taking this ethos inside our HQ with recruitment of six new staff and more ergonomic internal systems. If we are talking the UC talk our specialist staff will always see the benefits within our business first!” – MD Mark Pillow



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