Remember loved ones this spring with a Julia’s House Forever Butterfly

People we have loved and lost are often on our minds as we remember the times we spent together and the lasting memories we made.  This spring, Julia’s House, is launching a special way to remember our loved ones with a Forever Butterfly.  The local children’s hospice charity has created a beautiful ironworks butterfly that you can buy and keep, in memory of someone close that is no longer with you. 

The Forever Butterfly, made by Unbearable Design Ltd in Weymouth, is handmade and finished in waterproof sky-blue lacquer. Placed somewhere meaningful for you, it will create an everlasting reminder and touching tribute to someone you’ve loved and lost.  Before all the butterflies land in their forever home with you, they will be featured in a wonderful butterfly garden display at Bowood House & Gardens, Wiltshire on 5-8 April and Athelhampton House & Gardens, Dorchester on 12-15 April, helping to mark the Julia’s House 20th anniversary year – imagine the spectacular sight of hundreds of butterflies side by side, each one holding a memory of someone special.  

Flying free
“I will be buying my Forever Butterfly in memory of my sister, Gabrielle and mum, Maria.  Having a butterfly in my garden is a lovely way of thinking of them being free,” shares Diana Lawrence, whose family have been supported by Julia’s House.  

Gabrielle (Gabby) had a rare brain condition which meant one side of her brain was stronger than the other.  Her complex condition led to scoliosis of the spine, epilepsy and learning difficulties and she stopped being able to swallow.  Sadly, Gabby died when she was just 15.   “We couldn’t have wished for a better place to be with Gabby in her final days than Julia’s House – a place where she came and played when she was alive,” continues Diana.  “Sadly, after being at a remembering day for Gabby at the hospice, my mum died suddenly.  It was such a shock.   Even after Gabby and then my mum’s funeral, the support from Julia’s House never stopped for our family – they are always at the end of the telephone, especially on the harder days like the anniversaries. It’s a real comfort to know they will continue to be there for me.”

Who will your Forever Butterfly be for?
To buy your own Forever Butterfly like Diana’s, in memory of someone special to you and to be a part of the extraordinary Forever Butterflies garden display, visit:  You can also email or call their head office on: 01202 644220

For Annabel Karmel, Julia’s House patron, the Forever Butterflies are special too: “Julia’s House is a charity close to my heart because of losing my daughter, Natasha.  Losing a child is the worst thing that can ever happen to a mother.  I always think what you do for others lives on and what you do for yourself dies with you.  And the work we all do with Julia’s House will live on through many generations of families.  Forever Butterflies will help that work to continue and I will proudly be displaying my butterfly in memory of Natasha.”

The Forever Butterfly costs £35 and is a beautiful way for someone loved and lost to leave a lasting tribute of care in the community. Every Forever Butterfly bought in someone’s memory will make a life-changing difference to local seriously ill children and their families, including bereaved families just like Diana’s. 

The Forever Butterflies have been kindly sponsored by local businesses Clinical Partners (Wiltshire) and Gallagher Insurance, Risk Management and Consulting (Dorset).

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