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Rock Recruitment Opens Co-Working Space The GEN Project

Posted on: 07/03/2018

Rock Recruitment Solutions based in the heart of Westbourne have opened up a co-working space.

It is called The GEN Project which stands for grow, empower and nurture. These are in fact the three values that Rock work by, so when thinking of starting up the co-working space the name came naturally to them.

The aim behind setting this co-working space up was not just to fill desks, but to support and enable small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and establish themselves. Working alone can often be very isolating and demotivating. Rock wanted to be able to create a small community within their co-working space to inspire collaboration and provide support networks for those managing smaller businesses. As well as this, Managing Director Angela Piromalli has offered some of her time to these company owners and entrepreneurs that may need some coaching, support or just someone to bounce their ideas off of.

Due to feedback from their local community Rock has developed part time and full time desks rates as ensuring more flexibility to those looking to rent desk space at The GEN Project.

Angela Piromalli, Managing Director of Rock Recruitment Solutions, “We are excited that we can finally tell everyone about The GEN Project. Creating this co-working space within our offices will not only support local start ups and small businesses but also create a buzz and community-feel for all those that work here. The way that we work here at Rock is special in how we look out for each other and really grow, empower and nurture those around us, which is why I was so enthused about opening this co-working space. Come by, pop in and have a little look around, we would love to see you.”


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