Rockwater launches new investment group to support Dorset businesses

Rockwater has launched a new business investment network for the Dorset community, Rockwater Angels. The group is seeking angel investors that are interested in expanding their portfolio. Rockwater Angels will consider applications from early-stage companies on a strong growth trajectory in the region, with those successful provided with up to £350,000 to thrive.

The Rockwater Angels network is sector agnostic and will provide a platform for angel investors to support and invest in local high-potential businesses. Members will benefit from the extensive business contacts and experience of Rockwater’s CEO and Founder, Luke Davis, whose business portfolio amasses over 55 companies.

Luke has a highly successful background in business investment, having founded IW Capital, a private investment house which has one of the UK’s largest investment bases for high net-worth projects. Luke now intends to use his extensive knowledge and industry connections to create a community that supports entrepreneurs under the Rockwater umbrella, adding yet another feature to the brand’s multi-faceted approach.

Luke said: “Dorset has so much potential for growth, especially from an entrepreneurial perspective. I’m sure there are several like-minded investors keen to take on a new opportunity and support early-stage businesses that would thrive with access to further investment. I’m really excited to incorporate this project into Rockwater’s ever-growing array of initiatives. Rockwater Angels will form a strong business network of investors dedicated to supporting locally-founded companies to achieve the success they deserve.”

Entrepreneurs and businesses can now apply for an investment of up to £350,000 from Rockwater Angels. The network is keen to hear from existing, early-stage businesses on a strong growth trajectory that have an investment proposal and business plan ready to share. All submissions will be carefully vetted in line with business standards before being shared at the angels’ investor meetings.

Rockwater Angels is also set to deliver a thriving social scene for the business community. A programme of events will include monthly meetings for the Rockwater Angels to discuss potential investments, networking, and social opportunities, and guest talks from well-known entrepreneurs. These events will also be open to the public on a ticketed basis.

Luke continued: “It’s really important to me that everything Rockwater does supports and benefits the wider community.   Through the Rockwater Angels network, we’re going to providing the people of Dorset with a new opportunity to learn valuable insights from renowned business leaders in an intimate setting.”

Rockwater Angels is now open for enquiries related to joining the network as an angel investor, and to existing companies interested in submitting their investment deck and business plan for consideration. For all enquiries, please contact

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