Software Development Manager Tina Baker Celebrates 13 Years with TDSi

Reflections on the accelerating pace of security software innovation

Poole, 24th October 2017 – Tina Baker, Software Development Manager at Integrated security manufacturer TDSi, is celebrating 13 years of service with the company. Having reached this impressive milestone, Tina has also been reflecting on the developments and evolution of the security software industry and where it could lead in the future.

Tina commented, “Since I joined TDSi there have been enormous changes in the security industry, especially in the software systems and applications connected to them. TDSi has been leading the move towards fully integrated security software for a number of years and it is gratifying to see the rest of the industry has followed suit as well.”

Tina began her career in security when she answered a job advert for a Summer placement on display at Bournemouth University, whilst nearing the end of a Software Engineering Degree. “I knew that software would dominate many industries and wanted a career that would allow constant growth. I wanted to gain more experience developing software using difference programming languages and TDSi offered me the opportunity I was looking for.”

Tina’s personal development has fittingly mirrored that of TDSi and the security industry it supplies. “TDSi has really nurtured my personal development, right from Software Programmer to Development Manager. At the same time, the industry has become far more integrated with building management services, which now commonly incorporate intruder systems and CCTV as well as access control.”

Whilst reflecting on the past and present, Tina also has an eye firmly on the future and is clear on how she believes the security software sector will develop, “All the signs are that there will be continued and increased integration with building management systems, especially to comply with environmental legislation – such as intelligent lift dispatch technology, to reduce wasted energy.

Tina continued, “We will also see further Biometric integration to heighten security and remove the need for ID cards. The market is also demanding more bi-directional integration, with security systems working even more closely with one another. More and more we are being asked for our SDK, so other security companies can integrate our systems into theirs.”

Tina also has advice for young people looking for a career in security software development. “You need to enjoy continually learning new skills if you are to keep up with the changes in technology. It is also important to have a keen understanding of the close connection between physical access security and software security – further systems integration means prevention of cyber-attacks is essential.”

When asked what has kept her focussed and interested in working for TDSi, Tina concluded, “The company champions professional development of employees and personally I really enjoy the interesting challenges that TDSi faces with ever-increasing integration needs. It’s a great company to work for and I very much look forward to seeing what the future will bring in terms of technology and progress!”

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