Strategic Solutions teams up with AFC Bournemouth to deliver money management workshop

AFC Bournemouth striker Enes Ünal was on hand to help Strategic Solutions deliver an important community initiative.

Despite only being at the club since January, Ünal was keen to help deliver money management lessons for children that they can take with them into the rest of their lives.

The lessons aimed to help children learn about finances, bank accounts, budgeting, understanding credit, how much things cost and a whole host of other money-related topics.

Research shows that children and young people say they find financial education useful and these lessons have been delivered for the past two seasons.

Rob Silk, Chartered Financial Planner and secretary of the Strategic Solutions Community Foundation charity said: “We are proud to be able to support our local community and believe that money management education is a key life skill.  There’s lots of important information in these workshops and I think they’re really helpful for kids to have an idea of where to access support and how to manage things. Partnering with AFC Bournemouth really shines a light on this important matter and hopefully provides students with the tools they need to make good financial decisions in the future.”

Students from Cornerstone Academy and St Aldhems School were in attendance and over 45 lessons have now been delivered across the last two seasons within the area.

Strategic Solutions has a long-standing partnership with the club and were delighted to deliver this insightful workshop with the support of Enes Ünal.

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