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Superfast Wessex Internet Reaches 1500 Customer Milestone

Posted on: 10/01/2017

Local Superfast Internet provider, Wessex Internet, had a fantastic 2016. After surpassing 1,000 customers in February, before Christmas they installed their 1500th. This milestone adds to the significant national Internet Service Provider award for‘Best Wireless’, coming ahead of Metronet(UK), Luminet and Vodafone – all well established and significant names in this area of the telecoms sector.
Due to their rapid growth in their operating area of Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, Wessex Internet embarked on their largest upgrade to date – 10Gb/s! The upgrade required new routers in the core network to handle the 10Gb/s speeds, new fibre providers, plus they’re taking presence in two additional data centres/exchanges as part of the routing of the fibre link from Dorset to London (where the core network connects to the wider Internet). Securing 10Gb/s in rural Dorset was a challenge due to the scarcity of fibre providers (apart from BT). So, innovative ways have been found to create the link between the Wessex network and London.
Technical Director Matthew Skipsey says‘The 10Gb upgrade will provide the platform for us to grow. Data inflation is not going away, and so we need the additional capacity to serve this. Technology such as 4K video streaming is not mainstream today, but will be in the next few years. 10Gb will allow us to maintain our premium core network, to never be the bottleneck. It may not be another four years before we’re looking at 40Gb/s and beyond!’
To find out more about Wessex Internet visitwessexinternet.comor call 0333 240 7997.

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