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Suttles are helping to pave the way for better health, safety & environment standards in the construction industry

Posted on: 15/10/2021

Did you know that almost 1 in 7 people will experience mental health problems in the workplace, with the construction industry often higher than average? Men account for approximately 75% of suicide deaths, with it being the leading cause of death in males below the age of 50. This being the dominant demographic in the construction industry goes some way to explain why those in the construction industry are more at risk. 

Since 2019, Suttles have introduced Mental Health First Aid training into their curriculum. As well as introducing their industry leading Behavioural Safety ‘Suttles Setting Standards’ course for employees to not only look at behavioural safety, but to help identify and support colleagues with mental health issues in the workplace, and to try and break these statistics. Focusing on subjects such as; Behavioural Science (why we as people do the things we do), Behavioural Iceberg, Time Vs Risk, Human Mind, Habits, Building Resilience, Coping with Change, Coping with Trauma, Managing your Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Suicide Awareness, Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of your Team?and Fairness, Inclusion and Respect.

After the success of their in-house course, Suttles have extended this by offering Health, Safety & Environment Consultancy with their new ‘LT&S Consultancy’ service to other companies in the construction industry. LT&S is headed up by Director Liam Tucker who has 21 years in industry experience, he said “A good safety culture is important for all businesses not just those in the construction sector. At Suttles we wanted to imbed mental health and fairness, inclusion & respect into our culture; our programme addresses these challenging subjects head on and promotes engagement. If our employees feel cared about they will care for the business and each other”.

LT&S doesn’t just offer consultancy for mental health resources, but also for retained services and behavioural training.

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