TDSi’s Ian Hoare Gains Master’s Degree from Bournemouth University

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Poole, 30th November 2017 – Integrated security manufacturer TDSi, is pleased to announce that its Software Analyst and Developer Ian Hoare has graduated with a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security and Human Factors from Bournemouth University. Ian’s qualification demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to research, education and training.

TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies commented, “We are very proud that Ian has earned his Master’s Degree, having worked extremely hard to study alongside his role at TDSi. As a company we champion education and training as it benefits not only the person and the business, but also the security industry as a whole.”

Ian elaborated on the significance of his new degree for his role at TDSi, “This new qualification demonstrates that I am up to date with the very latest advances in cloud computing and online security. The TDSi team is always at the forefront of secure software for the modern world, but we are keen to illustrate this with continued professional development, giving additional confidence to our customers that all has been done to secure their data.”

As part of his graduation process, Ian produced a dissertation that examines the secure development life cycle and how it can fit into the agile development process. He commented, “The Agile development process does not allow for any security processes and there is an argument that it should not, as it is an overhead of the initial development.”

Ian continued, “However, it is important to identify and mitigate against vulnerabilities within the system, as the financial costs are far greater if vulnerabilities are found after the product is released. This is even more important with the looming GDPR legislation, which comes into force in May next year.”

Ian’s Master’s in Cyber Security and Human Factors is just part of an ongoing process of training and research, as he concluded, “The cloud environment is continuously changing with new threats. It is vital to use this knowledge now and to continuously keep this learning and information updated – both for TDSi and its customers, as technology and security needs evolve.”

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