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The Launch of Floodmate – the advanced solution to surface water flooding

Posted on: 25/09/2017

Two Dorset business men Andy Pedrick and Gino Abate have created a revolutionary product – an emergency flood barrier that takes only 30mins to install, and can be used to protect against expensive flood damage for a number of different applications.
They officially unveiled the new creation with an evening reception of drinks and canapes, and video demonstrations at the Sturminster Golf Club, where guests were wowed by the product design and efficiency.
Floodmate is quick and easy to install, and can be used just about anywhere, it is suitable for businesses and for your home, and can be used to protect properties from flooding in a variety of areas such as front and back doors, garages, sheds, gates, driveways or anywhere else that is vulnerable to flooding and flash flooding.
The flood prevention works by using water pressure and smart polymers to create a seal with your house/business wall and the ground to create a barrier to stop water seeping through. This can then protect from up to 300mm of water. When no longer needed it can be easily emptied, removed and folds up for convenient storage and reuse.
Said Andy Pedrick, Inventor and Co-Director of Floodmate, “We wanted to create a ground-breaking product that is quick and easy to use, affordable and suitable for all types of businesses and homes in the result of a flash flood. Floodmate is proven to be the perfect solution for an emergency flood barrier and can also be used to divert water away from exposed areas. It is available in various designs and sizes to suit your required area and its non-permanent fixture means it can be used for multiple purposes.”
For more information visit www.floodmate.co.uk or call 0800 0932690

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