The Tank Museum breaks down accessibility barriers

During 2023, The Tank Museum has been committed to breaking down accessibility barriers by creating a visitor experience that works for everyone.

1 in 5 people in the UK have an impairment, and the Tank Museum has introduced a dedicated programme to make the world’s best collection of armoured vehicles an accessible destination for visitors.

Innovations at the Museum include events such as quiet mornings, where the sounds and interactives are turned off to support individuals with sensory needs, and free British Sign Language tours to help those with a hearing impairment discover the exhibitions in their own language.

Sensory backpacks for children with special education requirements and disabilities have been recently developed and are available to borrow free of charge, including ear defenders, a squeezy toy, and a magnifying glass.

Visitor Experience General Manager, Rosanna Dean said:

“The Museum recognises the importance of supporting the needs all visitors and is committed to accessibility.

“We look forward to visitors enjoying the experience and the wider accessible facilities we have on offer.”

Facilities have been designed to create a safe space for visitors with a new wellbeing room, and for those with reduced mobility, the museum is fully wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible.

Since the pandemic, the Tank Museum has redefined how online content can showcase the Museum experience and engage viewers who are unable to visit in person.

The Tank Museum is holding a wellbeing event in conjunction with World Mental Health Day, which will be livestreamed and made available online. The Museum’s largest event, TANKFEST, is also recorded for those who would not be able to attend.

To keep the momentum for improvements, the Museum is recruiting an Accessibility Advisor and has enlisted the help of the disabled community, inviting diverse groups to review the visitor experience and feedback on what should be changed.

“We want to make sure we are pioneering changes at The Tank Museum,” Rosanna adds. “By making accessibility a priority, the Museum can continue to be a welcoming space for anyone interested in the history of tanks”.

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