The Tank Museum displays Harbour School pupils model tanks

Tank models made by Harbour School pupils can now be seen on display in The Tank Museum’s Tanks for the Memories Exhibition.

Students Ashton and Freddie from The Harbour School in Dorset took part in a ten-week model making project at the Museum, assisted by the Museum’s in-house modelling team.

“I have learned new things because I haven’t done that much modelling before, but I’ve really enjoyed putting all the parts of the tank together. My dad is in the army, so I’ve always been coming to The Tank Museum, but I never thought I’d be working with them,” said Ashton, age 12.

The new Tanks for the Memories exhibition explores the use of tanks in popular culture, including modelling. The Museum is pleased to be able to display Ashton and Freddie’s work alongside some of the first tank models in history.

“I have made Harrier, Spitfire, and Typhoon models at home before, but never a tank. I chose this one because it’s a German tank. The modellers helped me with the annoying bits and showed me how to do it by giving me advice. I have enjoyed making Stefan the driver of the tank most and spray painting”, said Freddie, age 13.

Building a tank is a great way to learn about history, and model building is an excellent way to open up the world of maths, science, and design.

The boys finished the project by painting a real armoured vehicle– one of the Museum’s Cold War Chieftain tanks – alongside the Workshop Team.

“Model building can build many skills, and The Tank Museum is committed to creating a positive learning environment for children,” said Claire Cooper, The Tank Museum’s Education Coordinator.

“Ashton and Freddie worked hard on the models over ten weekly visits and were thrilled to be given the additional project of painting a real tank.”

Visitors can see Ashton’s and Freddie’s tank models and many more at the South West’s biggest model show this weekend on 23-24 September.

The Tank Museum volunteer modellers will be on hand to talk about how novice builders can get started in model making.

Visitors can book online for the South West Model Show to save 10%, or attend for free with their Annual Pass. For more information and to book, see

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