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Top Tips for Digital Transformation Success

Posted on: 10/06/2022

In response to incredible advances in next generation tech and the necessity to adapt to a post-Covid world, organisations throughout the region are increasingly looking to introduce digital-first processes.

By taking analogue business processes digital or by modernising your software systems, you are unlocking the power of technology to reframe your operating models and change the way you work, for the better. Innovative tech platforms coupled with lightning-fast download speeds are leading to increasingly automated operations. Top tech leaders are predicting that the successful implementation of hyperautomation will enable businesses to achieve operational excellence in a digital first world.

However, with an increasing amount of digital transformation failures and many companies wary of taking the digital leap, it’s necessary to implement a robust strategy. Director of Clever Software Group, Andrew Matthews, offers some top tips for digital transformation success:

  1. Have a clear vision

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology by an organisation that aims to improve processes, gain greater insights and increase revenue. A common misconception is that digital transformation is simply a case of moving with the times or introducing new tools and tech into the workplace. When actually it’s all about leveraging tech to rethink your business processes and devising a solution for how to work smarter. A fancy piece of tech will not magically fix processes without significant strategy driving the change.

For some companies, their business objective may be to deliver faster response times and work more sustainably while for others it may be to enable effective hybrid working and achieve a higher quality of process automation. Establishing and defining the ‘why’ behind a digital transformation will help to nail down priority projects and ensure a focused and measured approach. Laying considered, strategic foundations for digital transformation is the key for tech companies to effect change and provide value for customers.


  1. Make gradual changes

With a multitude of processes available, it can be tempting to try and cram all your digital priorities into one development process. However, we have found that focusing on one business function at a time will lead to a more successful implementation. Gradual improvement can:

  • Lower disruption and risk
  • Build confidence amongst staff and stakeholders
  • Demonstrate the improvements of one digital project will help to pave the way for more initiatives.
  • Be achieved in rapid product cycles


  1. Prioritise your users

A recent study by Deloitte found that those organisations who are responding effectively to technology developments in the workplace have a greater user focus. Understanding digital behaviours and empowering employees to work in new ways is one of the leading drivers for digital transformation amongst businesses.

Having a business software system which creates a centralised digital employee experience can also help to support new hybrid workplaces.

  1. Be data driven

Data is absolutely at the centre of business transformation. The smarter the insights, the more effectively companies can drive progressive change. Companies who are viewing their data as an asset are likely to get more out of their digital transformation initiatives.

When clients are looking to develop new software, greater data management and analysis is always a priority. Bespoke software can provide access to big data analytics, with large data volumes, at a quick speed, and with complex algorithm capabilities. Potential costs can be detected before they happen and untapped profit- making potential can be uncovered.

Richer data capture, with everything from tracking purchasing to detecting trends in digital behaviour within a small timeframe is made possible with greater access to real time data. Employees and customer’s feedback are available at the touch of a button. This will lead to more effective decisions being made, regarding digital platform features and predicting future behaviours.

  1. Design for scale

Over 80% of our clients continue to evolve their software in line with their growth and cultural changes. Bespoke software developers are always devising solutions with the future in mind. A software system which is scalable can be integral to oiling the wheels of growth. Whether that be migrating to a cloud-based system or connecting teams with a suite of mobile business apps.

A scalable software solution that accounts for different eventualities and grows in line with your business is an investment that will keep on adding value. Focus on doing it right the first time and we can equip our clients with the tools to build a digital empire which enables them to achieve more.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to involve completely overhauling your business overnight. It’s a transitional process to be handled with care. A well thought out strategy combined with the best digital technologies and team will enable you to reap the benefits of working faster and smarter.

The bespoke software developers at Clever Software Group can help to take your first steps to enable greater efficiencies and business process automation. Learn more here:  https://cleversoftwaregroup.com/think-tank/the-power-of-digital-processes

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