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Hosted By: Dorset Mind

Managing Stress, Anxiety And Burnout

Training Details

The course focuses on the development of practical coping strategies that you can use to lessen the impact of stress and anxiety, in and out of the workplace.

What will I learn?

In the interactive live online session delegates will:

- Become confident at spotting the signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress in and out of the workplace.
- Recognise potential sources of workplace stress and explore potential triggers and sources of anxiety.
- Understand the risk of burnout and contributing factors in and out of the workplace.
- Explore how COVID-19 has contributed to stress, anxiety and burnout.
- Consider the impact of an ‘always on’ culture and the rise of presenteeism and leaveism.
- Better understand your own personal experiences of stress and anxiety and how it has affected your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
- Gain confidence in using a range of practical coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety, and prevent burnout
- Learn practical ‘If-then’ plans for addressing early warning signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety and burnout.
- An understanding of the drive, threat and soothing symptoms and how to activate self- soothing.
- Understanding and re-framing unhelpful thinking.
- Identifying and replacing rumination & dwelling
- Achieving balance through ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing’
- Balancing our inner critic and our compassionate self.
- Utilise Dorset Mind Works’ Wellness Action Plan.
- Apply HSE guidance on tackling workplace stress

Who is the training suitable for?

People managers who want to understand how stress and anxiety may be impacting their team members or themselves both in and out of the workplace. Our trainers will help you explore a range of practical coping strategies that can be put into place to effectively manage stress, anxiety and prevent burnout.

Employees who want to explore how stress and anxiety is affecting them. We will teach you how to use a range of coping strategies that will improve their mental wellbeing and reduce the risk of burnout.

Training provided by:

Dorset Mind Works

Event Location

Online Event

Event Cost

Price: £488.25

Event Date & Time

03/01/2022, 09:30 am
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