Neurodiversity in the Workplace – FREE Online

Neurodiversity in the Workplace – FREE Online

Hosted By: Autism Unlimited

Event Details

Discover how diverse minds can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to organisations. Whether you're an employer, HR or Learning and Development professional or simply interested in this topic, this event is for you!

Date: Wednesday 11th September 2024
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Location: Online

At Neurodiversity in the Workplace, you'll have the opportunity to learn from personal lived experience, and gain practical strategies for creating inclusive work environments. Explore the benefits of neurodiversity, such as enhanced problem-solving abilities and increased creativity.
Discover how a culture of understanding and support for neurodivergent individuals, ensuring their voices are heard and valued. Gain valuable insights into implementing accommodations and providing necessary resources for employees.

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Event Location

Charity Hub
Portfield School

Event Date & Time

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