Stop Selling and Build Your Revenues
February 01, 09:27

Stop Selling and Build Your Revenues

Hosted By: Sandler Training

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Fed up waiting for customers to call you back, annoyed at giving discounts to get your sales closed, frustrated by having sales meetings that don’t bring you any sales ??

What will I learn?

Here you will start to understand what customers do and don’t need to hear, why people don’t do what they’ve agreed to do and why you should have a system. Learn how to grow your sales by 15% in 2024 and create a system that works. Forever!

Who is the training suitable for?

Business owners, leaders and key stakeholders who own decisions and budgets. Delegates need to have ownership of processes, team and investment decisions and can see a need to drive more sales using better resources and processes through a globally recognised Sales System from Sandler Training.

Training provided by

Sandler leadership and Sales Training located in Dorset, servicing the South West Business Region

– We work with leadership teams and sales leaders to build world class sales cultures. We provide advisory to business leaders that want to create a scalable system for revenue growth.
The plans, people, positions, processes, technology, and metrics that got you this far may not be designed for where you want to go. Leveling up a small or mid-market business can be frustratingly complex, and plateaus can easily arise.

A top-heavy salesforce?
Do your top reps or even your leadership close most of the new business? Do you need to scale a successful selling team?

Too much discounting and free consulting?
Do your reps give away the farm, especially at the end of the quarter? Do management and leadership have to get involved to close negotiations?

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Event Location

Sandler Dorset
BH14 8UE

Event Date & Time

February 01, 09:27 - 3:30 pm
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