Tru Talent and AFC Bournemouth visit Kinson Academy for Children’s Mental Health Week

Last week, our Managing Director Toni Taylor and Head of Temporary and Commercial Aimee Wilkins joined AFC Bournemouth’s defender Chris Mepham at Kinson Academy to take part in a mental health and well-being workshop, as part of Children’s Mental Health Week.

Tru Talent are currently in their third year in partnership with the Community Sports Trust and this year’s theme for Children’s Mental Health Week was ‘My Voice Matters’ which is about empowering children and young people by providing them with the tools they need to express themselves.

Steve Cuss, who heads up AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust, said:

‘’ We deliver mental health and well-being workshops in partnership with Tru Talent every week of the year. It makes it a really special workshop and lesson when a Premier League footballer in Chris Mepham comes in and is able to talk about football but also talk about mental health as well, which has been really important. I think the pupils had a great day.’’

Tru Talent managing director Toni Taylor added:

‘’As we all know, in all ages in life we struggle with different things, different challenges. To be able to support children at a young age and to get the skills and the understanding of how to manage and deal with some quite complex challenges is incredible.
I’m so pleased to be involved in the sessions and i’m so happy that the children get to have this incredible experience, as well as meeting players which of course they love.

All round, it’s a fantastic project and really important we shine a light on mental health and well-being, especially in young people. If we can have an impact much earlier on, why would we not want to do that? ‘’

Read more about the visit here:

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