Unique WW2 tank experience at The Tank Museum

The Tank Museum has teamed up with the American Heritage Museum to offer one lucky winner a unique WW2 tank driving and riding experience in the UK and the USA.

The winner of a sweepstake will ride in the Commander’s seat of the only running Tiger I in the world at The Tank Museum, Bovington on Tiger Day in April 2024.

The other half of this incredible prize is travelling to the United States to drive the famous M4 Sherman and M24 Chaffee tanks at the American Heritage Museum in Massachusetts.

The prize also includes $3000 of expenses to cover travel.

Hunter Chaney, spokesperson for the American Heritage Museum, said:

“The American Heritage Museum is thrilled to partner with The Tank Museum for this extraordinary opportunity to experience some of the most important tanks from WWII.

“In addition to the ride in the legendary Tiger 131 and drive the M4 Sherman and M24 Chaffee tanks, the winner will get a VIP tour through these amazing museums. By entering the contest, you are helping support these important museums and operations. Enter the sweepstakes and good luck!”

Tank fans can enter for free or donate to get additional entries. Proceeds of the sweepstake will be divided equally between both museums, raising funds to conserve these historic vehicles.

The sweepstake ends on 13 October and the winner will be announced on 27 October.


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