Virtual is the New Black and all the Colours in Between:

How often do you think about the future of your business? Once, twice, maybe five times a day; What new products can you offer your clients; how can you improve your service; how can you stand out from your competitors.  But how often do you think about your future staff? Who they’ll be; where they’ll come from.  Realistically it doesn’t cross our minds all too often, it’s a given we’ll find people.

The truth of it is, finding a new generation of talent is getting more and more difficult.  The percentage of 15 – 17 year olds in Dorset is 3.7%. If you look at 15 – 24 year olds it’s 6.8% compared to the 9.4% average in England and 25 – 29 year olds 4.1% compared to 6.9% (only 3.6% in West Dorset).  Take away all those who go off to University, those who leave to travel and those already loyal to a Company, you can see the pool is ever decreasing.
Where does this leave you? With the average hiring time more than double what it was in 2005, you can now be left with a vacancy unfilled for 10-12 weeks (average), a pool of less experienced candidates and a vital piece missing from your organisation.
So what’s the answer? Other than cheaper housing, cutting off links to the outside world or chaining them to desks… Outsourcing.
With technology ever progressing, it’s getting simpler to allow for remote working and virtual services.
Here at The Contemporary PA we offer a modern alternative for your office needs. From everyday PA and office tasks to a bespoke call answering service. With 10 years office experience, we guarantee a professional, personal service.  We understand how important it is for your clients to have a friendly and familiar voice at the end of the phone, and for you to be able to guarantee you offer a high standard of service.
Our flexible approach means you can use us ad-hoc or more regularly and is extremely cost effective… although that’s another topic… if you want to find out more keep an eye out on our blog… we’ll soon be doing a piece on the true cost of an employee to your company.
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