Wacky hair style raises much needed funds to support people with Dementia

Dorset based charity, Prama, are grateful to Andy Moullin, who works at Marroys Bar in Boscombe, for sporting this crazy hairstyle and raising much needed funds for Prama’s Dementia group in Boscombe.
The very generous customers at Marroy’s have been donating their change for over 4 weeks and have raised £148.43 for Prama.
PramaLife (charity number 1172716) is a Dorset charity that provides care and opportunities for older people.

Their vision is a world where no-one is unfairly disadvantaged or excluded because of age or infirmity and where every person can enjoy life.

They enable older people and carers to lead independent and fulfilling lives, by enhancing their health and well-being by providing over 60 clubs, groups, and activities across Bournemouth. Christchurch, Poole, and East Dorset.

They provide 17 support groups for over 100 people with dementia & their carers across Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, and East Dorset. In our groups, we use activities which prompt memory and sensory stimulation. This includes handling common place objects, the use of flash cards, playing different sounds, watching a film, being exposed to different smells, singing, playing an instrument, listening to music and physical exercise. The participants are encouraged to discuss what they have: felt, seen, smelt, or heard. Quizzes e.g., word association, are also used to stimulate cognitive reasoning.

The Memory Lane groups are led by trained staff members supported by volunteers. Many carers participate in delivering the sessions. We enable peer support, as well supporting carers with their individual needs. The groups provide carers with much needed respite so that they can focus on themselves. Many carers become volunteers because they value the work that we do. These groups may be led by the group leader, but they are developed by the participants.

For more information about fundraising opportunities with Prama, contact Chris Wakefield, Fundraiser on 07775 677162 or chris.wakefield@prama.uk

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