Weymouth College students launch fundraising campaign for short film

Students currently studying for their Foundation Degree in Creative Media Production at Weymouth College are fundraising to produce a short film for their final major project, as well as a film festival where it will be screened.
‘Cluttered’ is an intense drama, based around two polar opposite sisters who are getting ready for a family gathering. It follows the story of two sisters, Barbara and Gaby, as they get ready for a family gathering. Gaby, the younger sister, shows up drunk at her older sister, Barbara’s, house and they immediately begin arguing about Gaby’s behaviour.
As the youngest, Gaby has always been favoured by their parents, which annoys Barbara to no end as she constantly strives to gain her parent’s approval and support. This causes a lot of tension between the sisters as their parent’s views on them affect their relationship.
The short film will be created by Molly Mansell (director), Connor Jenkin (producer/cameraman), Oli Kelly (set design), Billy Prout (audio), and Pearce Belshaw (1st assistant director).
They are hoping to raise £1,200 through a Crowdfunding campaign, which will go towards the cost of casting two young actors as the sisters, and sourcing an appropriate Airbnb property for the filming location, as well as costumes, hair and camera rigs.
The students commented: “The proceeds from this campaign will go towards paying for our actors and sourcing a location, making sure we have all the resources we need to produce a final product to be proud of.
“Your donations and support will not only provide these resources but also support us on our journey to becoming filmmakers. Our campaign also gives you a chance to partake in the key process of the filmmaking industry, as well as supporting a group of young filmmakers!”
In the case of surpassing their fundraising target, the group will put the rest of the money towards promoting the film and submitting it to different film festivals.
You can find out more and make a donation via the website: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/cluttered—a-short-film
The students are also running a separate fundraisier for a further £1,400 to help them stage the sixth Dorset Indie Film Festival at the Electric Palace on May 14th, where ‘Cluttered’ will be screened.
Students host the festival annually, with last year’s event attracting an audience of 120. It is hoped this year’s festival will be even bigger and, as well as funding, the students are also now looking for submissions of other films to screen.
You can make a donation to the Dorset Indie Film Festival at www.gofundme.com/f/52ntud-dorset-indie-film-festival or find out more or make a film submission at https://filmfreeway.com/DorsetIndieFilmFestival

Creative Media Production Foundation Degree at Weymouth College
Weymouth College’s Foundation Degree in Creative Media Production is designed for students wishing to develop a range of creative and technical skills, a greater understanding of visual communication and an informed strategy for entry into the creative media industries.
The course provides training in camera, sound, lighting, direction, editing and post production techniques developed through working on a variety of drama, documentary, music and experimental video production.
There is also commercial element to the course in which students work to external client briefs to create artefacts with a function and purpose in the world beyond the college.
For more information or to apply, visit www.weymouth.ac.uk/courses/creative-media-production-foundation-degree/


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