Can you provide a workplace experience for a young person? From two hours to two weeks, all workplace opportunities prepare young people to transition from school to work

Can you open your workplace to a local young person?

We believe that every young person across Dorset should have access to opportunities that allow them to experience the world of work.

Dorset Careers Hub and Dorset Chamber have joined forces to support local organisations to offer work experience to young people across Dorset.

Together, we are collaborating with employers across the county to create the Dorset WorkEx Directory (to launch in September 2024). This online directory will be available to Dorset school staff and will list the local employers who have pledged to support workplace experiences for young people.  

To get started, simply click on ‘Get Involved’ with details of the opportunity you can offer. 

Why does it matter?

When young people and employers work together with purpose there are benefits to both:

  • Young people gain insight into the world of work – including the skills required. This helps them make future career decisions and builds motivation in the here and now   
  • Employers learn about their future workforce (and can even begin the recruitment process)  
  • Disadvantaged young people, who may have fewer connections and social networks, benefit from high quality interactions

From 2 hours to 2 weeks…

There are lots of different ways that you can support this programme, including offering:

  • Virtual Work Experience
  • Site Visit/Tour
  • Taster Day
  • 2-3 days Workplace Experience
  • 1-2 weeks Block Placement
  • Extended placement (i.e. an afternoon a week)

It is more important than ever for young people to have a better idea of what their future may look like and you can help. Join the Dorset Work Ex Directory now and offer your support to local schools.

What makes a good experience?

Thinking about what makes a good workplace experience, will help you to offer an experience that works for both you and the young person. When you’re thinking about your offer, you may like to consider: 

  1. How learning outcomes are defined based on your offer and the needs of the student
  2. Which people and departments the student will interact with
  3. When and where extensive, two-way interactions will be facilitated
  4. How you can support the young person to perform a task or produce a piece of work and then offer feedback
  5. Where there are opportunities to learn from the student. Can you use real life scenarios? The student may have the solution you need!

What support is available?

Whether you have been working with schools for years and are experienced in offering opportunities, or if you are just starting your outreach journey, we are here to help.

Help us to give you the support you need, by letting us know your questions, your challenges and any barriers there might be to running a Workplace Experience activity. Please contact us on with your suggestions and ideas.

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