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We recognise we have a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business.


All staff have a responsibility to contribute to this policy in their day to day working life.

Policy aims

We endeavour to:

  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Continually seek to reduce our environmental impact
  • Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions
  • Increase staff awareness and contribution to reducing our environmental impact

Paper, printing and postage

  • Minimising the use of paper where we can and we utilise digital technology wherever possible
  • Reducing printing, postage and packaging as much as possible
  • Purchasing sustainably sourced paper
  • Recycling all paper
  • Communicating with members digitally and not using postage


  • Reducing the amount of energy we us as much as possible
  • Switching off lights and electrical equipment when not in use
  • Installing LED lighting
  • Minimising the amount of water we use (e.g. dishwasher and kettle)
  • Adjusting heating with energy consumption in mind


  • We actively encourage and ask all staff to recycle all packaging and paper
  • We provide full recycling facilities within the office with guidance (including food packaging, hard plastics, pens, toner cartridges, batteries)
  • All products are taken to the appropriate recycling facilities
  • Disposable cups are not used in the office at all


  • Encouraging staff to only travel when necessary and encourage the use of video conferencing
  • Providing a vehicle electrical charging facility for ourselves and our tenant
  • Holding online (as opposed to face to face) events and training wherever possible
  • Encouraging our events delegates to car share through providing a car share scheme

Maintenance and cleaning

  • Using cleaning materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible
  • Only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste

Supporting businesses

  • Signposting businesses to environmental services and support via our website and social media
  • Working with our members to deliver events on helping businesses reduce their environmental impact
  • Providing a platform for businesses offering environmental services to promote themselves
  • Develop a carbon-reduction network, offering businesses the opportunity to share best-practice and learn from each other

Monitoring and improvement – We will:

  • Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements
  • Introduce procedures to measure and monitor environmental performance
  • Try and continually improve and reduce our environmental impact
  • Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions
  • Increase employee awareness through training
  • Make a public declaration on when we will aim to become a carbon-neutral business

Culture – We will:

  • Actively encourage all staff to contribute to and own this environmental policy
  • Provide staff with relevant environmental training
  • Update this policy at least once annually in consultation with staff and other stakeholders where necessary

Ian Girling

Chief Executive


Date: June 2023

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