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Our mission is to support Dorset’s businesses and its economy by promoting excellence, driving growth and providing a voice for business.

Established in 1949, we are accredited and proud members of the British Chambers of Commerce and provide a unique network with a local, regional and nationally recognised voice.

Our vision is to be Dorset’s leading business support organisation.

Underpinning our Mission and Vision are three objectives:

Promoting Business Excellence
We promote excellence in business by helping develop the skills of business owners, promoting innovation in business, supporting the development of leadership and management skills and helping business owners understand and adopt new technologies.

Supporting Business Growth
We deliver a range of products and services to help businesses access new markets, drive business growth, improve productivity and increase the profitability of businesses in Dorset.

Providing a Voice and Helping Business Contribute to Society
We promote and represent the interests of business, works in partnership with key stakeholders, promotes responsible and ethical business practices and help improve lives through working with education and the community and voluntary sector. We are an inclusive Chamber and at the heart of our values is our belief in the community – developing and nurturing a business community that has a shared focus on business success, growth, collaboration and support.

We provide a valuable platform for our members to come together to develop, connect, raise their profile and gain new business. We also have a focus on providing learning, training and development opportunities and importantly share knowledge and learn. The development of skills in a rapidly developing global market is absolutely essential to the future growth of our economy. Our expertise in international trade and membership of the British Chambers of Commerce means we also provide a door to international markets.

We have an extremely important role in promoting and representing the interests of business in Dorset. We represent business, influence and help develop policy through local authority and government consultation, business surveys, policy campaigns and ministerial lobbying. We facilitate a powerful voice for business in Dorset. We also place great emphasis on working in partnership with key stakeholders such as local authorities, Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership and other key business support organisations with the shared aim of supporting economic prosperity.


Promoting Business Excellence

  • Promoting innovation and use of technology in business
  • Building links between education and business
  • Developing the employability skills of young people
  • Providing a portal for training and development
  • Informing on post 16 and 18 options
  • Helping drive business growth through training
  • Showcase the excellence of Dorset businesses through our digital channels and business magazine
  • Promoting diversity and equality

Driving Business Growth

  • Build our business community through increased membership
  • Providing a gateway for business support
  • Providing peer to peer development
  • Helping businesses to explore global markets and exports
  • Providing networking and encouraging collaboration
  • Helping businesses generate new business opportunities
  • Helping businesses raise their profile
  • Delivering a comprehensive and stimulating events programme

Promoting and Providing a Voice for Business

  • Representing the voice of business with the Dorset LEP and Local Authorities
  • Building relationships with chambers and business organisations
  • Promoting responsible businesses practices
  • Lobbying on key issues on behalf of businesses
  • Identifying and understanding business issues through surveys
  • Support development and capacity of building of the 3rd sector

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