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Back on their Bikes for Boo

Posted on: 15/09/2021

Five local businessmen have once again taken up an amazing challenge all in support of the Boo charity. The three day Boo Cycling Challenge 2021 saw Russell Hicks, Andrew Freeman, Simon White, David Webb and Nick White complete the 350 km. “King Alfred Trail” around the old Wessex Kingdom.

The predominantly “off road” challenge was successfully completed albeit as Simon White, CEO Enhanced, commented that it was one of the hardest and most gruelling cycle challenge that any of the group had participated in.

Simon said “shaking and juddering across stone, gravel and hard packed mud was relentless, but all worth it to support children’s education in Kenya“.

Never more has it been so essential to continue the great work achieved by the Boo supporters. Covid has obviously effected fund raising and Russell Hicks, Founder and wife of Boo, is determined to continue the legacy left by his wife. This wonderful charity achieves the most incredible results, working with children and young adults to give them the education and support which is essential to set them on the path of learning skills. This is done through the Nyamache “Life Skills Centre” set up by funds raised through the generosity and hard work of the Boo supporters.


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