HR Training and Development: 5 key reasons to train your HR team

HR training and development is crucial to the health and success of every business. Here are 5 key reasons why those working in HR should be regularly trained on employment law topics:

  1. It will give your HR team confidence. Good, up to date employment law training will equip those in HR to undertake their duties confidently and fairly when faced with complex issues, in line with key employment legislation.
  2. It will help contribute to the smooth running of your business and lead to greater efficiency. If left or ignored, performance and sickness issues can lead to long running problems, less productivity and significant periods of absence.
  3. It will help HR deal with difficult processes such as disciplinaries and grievances. It is crucial that employers follow a fair process, their own policies and are aware of recent developments in case law.
  4. It will help avoid employment tribunal claims and successful claims against your business. When HR follow a fair process, it will help avoid employment tribunal claims being issued against the Company. 
  5. The Employment Tribunal expect those in HR to receive regular and thorough training.  Employers are expected to provide regular and up to date equality and diversity training to staff, not only in preventing discrimination in the workplace, but also to show that reasonable steps have been taken to prevent discrimination in the workplace, should a claim be made against them.

In summary, having a well-trained HR team will help create an efficient, well run business where staff are treated fairly and HR can act confidently.

Andrew Willshire
Paris Smith LLP

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