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Local firm trailblazing new safety cameras across the UK

Posted on: 22/12/2020

With many businesses looking to bounce back from the impact of COVID-19 in 2021, local company Safe & Secure Compliance Ltd are receiving nationwide interest in their DoorSentry camera screening product. The company have engaged Dorset Chamber member IMS Group to drive their targeted marketing campaign across the UK.

The Poole based company have developed ground-breaking technology that could provide the answer to protecting businesses and organisations as they open their doors to more visitors.

The technology, first developed twenty years ago for the UK military, offers secure door monitoring and incorporates ‘fever-cam’ technology, all of which is linked to a sophisticated and powerful  backend.

The company produce a range of advanced safety equipment such as technology to monitor and protect water systems from the threat of Legionella. But it’s been their DoorSentry product that’s been flying off the shelves during 2020.

DoorSentry is a clever gadget that uses facial recognition combined with thermal imaging technology to help protect businesses, not only from unauthorised entry, but also entry of those who may be sick and who present a risk to others within the venue.

The sophisticated cameras are sited at entrances and read the persons temperature automatically while they sign into the track and trace using an app on their mobile phone. No human contact is experienced, so if the person is identified with a high temperature possibly as a cause of COVID-19 or even just flu, the camera will advise them that they cannot be granted access.

“We wanted to market a system that not only helps businesses to keep staff and visitors safe but also helps them to manage their premises more effectively” said Managing Director Richard Marshall, “The DoorSentry product helps regulate how many people are in the building at any one time and because of the facial recognition functionality, it means repeat visitors don’t have to keep signing in, the system automatically recognises them.

“There’s been huge take-up in Dorset giving us the platform to roll out our products across the UK” said Richard, “IMS Group had the business intelligence and data we needed to really drill down to the target sectors we needed to reach and put together an intelligent and effective strategy – it’s proved really successful, hence why we’re now looking to expand nationwide.”

The system also claims to help businesses manage staff attendance and absenteeism among other benefits. If and when Coronavirus becomes a distant memory, the Fevercam technology will still continue to protect businesses from future viruses and even flu, estimated to cost British business 7.6 million working days and £1.35billion per year. The cameras will prevent sick staff members turning up for work and infecting healthy staff members or even patients.

The pioneering company have also developed systems that enable businesses to monitor energy and water usage across multiple sites and even supply disinfecting units that kill germs and viruses through the use of UV light sources.


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