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15% Discount for Dorset Chamber Members

Your business is as good as your people - If you take care of them, they’ll take care of your business.
But what are the risks of NOT looking after your team?
  • Low productivity and poor performance
  • High employee turnover, low staff retention
  • Low morale or negative atmosphere
  • Difficulty in recruiting top class talent
  • Loss of customers and income
I can work with you in a number of ways to help you focus on your people and culture and help you create an aligned, motivated workforce. This will provide increased opportunities for success.  
It helps you to:
  • attract and retain talented people
  • boost productivity and performance
  • creates an environment that inspires trust, loyalty, development and professionalism
I'm offering Dorset Chamber Members 15% off my standard rates for:

Workshops | 121 Coaching | Team Training 

I also offer a retained service for those looking for board level support with People & Culture Strategy.

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