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A free Motivational Map  profile from JRL Coaching & Consulting

A free Motivational Map profile for each person engaging in a bespoke 1-2-1 coaching development  programme

Are you today needing to re-address your vision and values for your business to thrive and not just survive?

Would a non-judgmental confidential ally  be of help and support  you to focus  and identify on what’s  truly important to the business, yourself and your people?

If you could know  what motivates and demotivates each of your team “In the new Normal”, how valuable might this be to you?

Today, is it important  to you to  identify areas for development  to achieve your new vision  including

    • Leadership skills
    • Staff morale
    • Motivation and engagement
    • New ways of communicating with all
    • Growing and retaining your customer base
    • Supporting staff leaving and onboarding new staff or existing staff in new roles

Please contact me today for  further information . Testimonials can be seen on our website or LinkedIn.

Contact details Jenny Lamski on 01202 297 571 or see

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