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Business Continuity Management Consultation

Russell Philips Limited is a specialist Business Continuity Management consultancy based in Dorset.  We protect and add value to your business by designing best practice business continuity management programmes so that you are better able to deal with disruptions and continue to meet your obligations to your suppliers and customers alike.  By improving your resilience, you protect your people, your assets, and your bottom line; you safeguard your business and your reputation; and you protect your hard-won competitive advantage.  All of our programmes are ISO 22301 compliant and include the development of:

  • Business Continuity Plans based on comprehensive Risk Analysis and Business Impact Analysis
  • Crisis Management Plans and appropriate training for senior managers and others who are responsible for leading your business through a period of serious disruption, and
  • Contingency Plans to prepare your business in the face of identifiable high-impact threats. 

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