Powering Innovation at Bournemouth University

The Centre for Sustainable Business Transformations (CSBT) at Bournemouth University hosted the “Powering Innovation” event, bringing together industry, academia, and government to explore the impact of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) on business innovation.

Professor Marcjanna Augustyn, Head of CSBT, highlighted the Centre’s interdisciplinary expertise and commitment to supporting businesses in developing sustainable models, technologies, and strategies through collaborative research and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP’s).

Professor Marcin Budka, a CSBT member, shared inspiring insights into his firsthand experiences and the tangible benefits of academic-industry collaborations via KTPs.

Rachel Clarke, Business Engagement & Knowledge Exchange Manager at BU Business School, provided a comprehensive overview of the Knowledge Exchange (KE) landscape, emphasizing its strategic importance to academics and industry, signalling potential growth.

A deep dive into KTPs, especially Management KTPs, led by Stephen Woodhouse from Innovate UK: Business Connect, illuminated the intricacies of forming partnerships, the application process, and key factors that make a KTP project stand out to assessors. The vibrant Q&A and networking session that followed sparked exciting discussions on potential collaborations and project ideas.

Professor Marcjanna Augustyn commented: “With a fantastic turnout from BU and local industry, we look forward to taking conversations further.”

Businesses eager to explore sustainable business transformations for impactful change please reach out to: csbt@bournemouth.ac.uk.


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