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The Queen’s Speech: Everything Landlords need to know

Posted on: 17/05/2022

In the recent Queen’s Speech, plans were outlined for the Renters Reform Bill. This included an update on the abolition of Section 21 evictions and when we might see it.

In this article, Property Litigation Specialist Will Bartley summarises the Queen’s Speech; outlining the key takeaways for landlords.

What was included in the Queen’s Speech?

Amongst other things, the Queen’s Speech unveiled a ‘new deal’ for the private rented sector; in the form of the Renters Reform Bill.

This Bill is something that the Government have referenced before, but the Queen’s Speech confirmed its introduction.

What will the Renters Reform Bill do?

The Bill will strive to improve home quality standards of 4.4 million households, stabilise the private rented market and encourage a curb on non-compliant landlords.

Below I’ve outlined, in more specific detail, the reforms that are included in the Bill…

Decent Homes Standard

One prominent reform is the extension of the Decent Homes Standard to the private rented sector.

With this, the Government aim to improve the standard of the current 21% of private rented homes that are of an unacceptable standard.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that these renters ‘have access to secure, quality homes and levelling up opportunities’.

Abolition of Section 21 Evictions

The Bill proposes that Section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions will be scrapped.

This means that landlords will have to rely on Section 8 if they wish to commence possession proceedings, providing a ‘concrete and evidenced reason’ to evict a tenant.

The grounds for a Section 8 eviction are usually rent arrears and anti-social behaviour. As part of the Renters Reform Bill, the Government are planning to strengthen these grounds…

Will the Renters Reform Bill improve landlord’s rights?

As mentioned above, the Renters Reform Bill will attempt to strengthen landlords’ rights of possession.

To do this, the Bill will give landlords more powers to tackle rent arrears, introducing stronger grounds for repeat offenders.

It is also set to reduce the required notice periods for certain incidents, meaning that landlords may be able to repossess their property sooner.

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