Unlock digital potential for businesses post lockdown 2.0

Poundbury-based Key Digital are facilitating a virtual panel discussion on 1st December 2020 to help businesses share lessons learnt from two national lockdowns and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Key Digital have opened their doors in the past for their Unlock networking events which are normally held at the companies’ headquarters in Poundbury. This time the digital specialists are taking it online.

Unlock Online will feature special guests from the beverage industry, holiday park sector and local council. The discussion will explore how their businesses moved quickly to adapt, innovate and to deliver new services, products and positioning.

The panel will feature Lisa Worthington from award-winning local brand Dorset Tea. She will be joined by Claire Flower, Director of a successful South Devon Holiday Park and nationwide park organisation, and Sam McLaren from Dorset Council.

David Lakins, Managing Director at Key Digital commented: “The aim of the session is to take a closer look at the challenges faced by many businesses, and to highlight how tech can support by addressing some of these now and in the future.”

“We’ve already had a good uptake from business leaders wishing to join the session and a benefit of going virtual is that there is no limit on the number can attend.”

Throughout the year businesses have been faced with many new challenges. Finding themselves having to rethink their strategy to incorporate ecommerce solutions to fulfil orders. By hosting the online session Key Digital hope to help businesses and provide answers for a sustainable future.

More information: https://key.digital/unlock-online/



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