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YMCA Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch’s personal thanks goes to…. Dorset Chamber!

Posted on: 20/05/2021

There is a first time for everything; first step, first kiss, first day at work and the day we went into lockdown for the first time. 

March 2020 will be etched in everyone’s memory, as the time when we learned to do business…differently.

I clearly remember the first Zoom Networking Event with Dorset Chamber.  After problems with my camera and sound I moved to my husband’s office upstairs, to use his computer. In my hurry and confusion to ‘get in the room’ on time I spilled a glass of orange juice into my husband’s briefcase.

It was reassuring to be welcomed by Steve Bulley (Dorset Chamber Head of Business Engagement) giving his assurance all would be OK.  I did not know then that this would become the new networking ‘norm’ even a year later.

During that year Dorset Chamber continued to be a great source of encouragement/stability to many individuals, groups, and businesses….led by the ever professional and welcoming Mr Ian Girling (Dorset Chamber Chief Executive).  For me it was a time of adjustment and for a short while with a different job role within YMCA.  The fortnightly Zoom meetings became a source of information, encouragement, and much advice.  As the weeks passed Ian and Steve helped to develop and grow a new business linked caring community.  Focus and emphasis moved from ‘the pitch’ to more about everyone’s welfare and mental health.

It was a time to share these challenges together and to be honest/open.  It was liberating to have the opportunity to able to share these feelings in the Dorset Business Focus Magazine and encourage others as well.

As YMCA Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch events were planned for the end of the year it was great to have the ever-present Dorset Chamber support.  Many people took part in the annual BIG Sleep Easy Event, most in their own gardens as the rule of six was now in place and had to be adhered to.  Under the circumstances the event was a great success, and not only did Dorset Chamber team judge the shelters they shared the story in the Dorset Business Focus Magazine…highlighting the ‘can do’ attitude that YMCA has been proud to be associated with for many years and decades.

Words alone are inadequate to express what this local caring Dorset Chamber business family has meant to us as individuals, and to YMCA as a local positive impacting charity.

This token THANK YOU award from YMCA Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch therefore, is really on behalf of the whole business community.


Thank you, Ian, Steve and the superb team at Dorset Chamber.

Sheena Dayman (YMCA Events Manager)
Martin Stockley (YMCA Senior Operations Officer)

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