BCC Welcomes Fresh Tack On EU Regulation Reform

Reacting to news of planned changes to the Government approach on EU regulation reform, Jane Gratton, Head of People Policy at the BCC, said:  


“Firms will breathe a huge sigh of relief that steps are being taken to reduce the cumulative burden of red-tape that have placed a stranglehold on their ambition and ramped up cost. 


“But they have also been worried about the headlong rush towards the sudden removal of vast swathes of legislation overnight, that could make it harder to compete internationally. 


“It is welcome that Government has listened, and the Bill will no longer apply a blanket sunset clause in this way, with the real risk of unintended but negative consequences.   


“We will carefully scrutinise the series of measures which are due to be amended or revoked through the revised Bill. There is scope for reducing compliance requirements upon business in some aspects of employment law, making it better for employers and their staff.  


“We look forward to working with Government and other policy makers on crafting the appropriate regulatory balance – protecting certainty for business first and foremost but reforming any outmoded rules in the overall economic interest.”


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