‘Bus to Buffet’ scheme launched by Morebus and COSMO Bournemouth

Bournemouth bus company Morebus and COSMO, an all-you-can-eat world buffet restaurant, have joined forces to launch a ‘Bus to Buffet’ scheme amid the mounting cost of fuel and food to support customers during the continuing cost-of-living crisis.

The cost of fuel and food prices have been two of the most prominent features during the crisis and with the recent government announcement to extend the £2 single bus journey initiative, the Bournemouth businesses have partnered to offer residents across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch the opportunity to dine for less when they use the sustainable transport option to travel by bus to and from COSMO restaurant located in St Peter’s Square, Bournemouth.

Yuan Bi, general manager at COSMO Bournemouth, says: “As customers feel the squeeze of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, our partnership with Morebus will help diners to avoid parking costs and rising fuel prices so they can enjoy an-all-you-can eat dining experience at a reduced rate.  They can get dropped right outside our door and then save 10 per cent per head on food, Monday to Friday, when booking a table online. Diners can present their digital bus ticket that has been purchased via the Morebus app on arrival.

“With more than 150 dishes from every corner of the world, there’s something for everyone at COSMO Bournemouth. Whether it’s a taste of Asia or a hearty carvery, diners can enjoy unlimited courses for one set discounted price.”

The extension of the £2 single bus journey initiative aims to encourage more people to use sustainable transport across the local area, helping to ease congestion as well as improving air quality. 

Nikki Honer, head of communications for Morebus, adds: “This is great for our customers who are able to save money on a midweek meal out. The offer is valid on all app tickets, so ideal for regular commuters too, who are looking for a midweek treat.

“Our £2 fare deal can be purchased on the app in bundles of 10. Once customers have downloaded the Morebus app and bought a ticket, they can find our REWARDS section. From there they can plan a journey straight to the restaurant. Better still, our app will even calculate how much CO2 people have saved compared to driving.”


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