Dorset-based tech firm Talk Think Do poised for significant US expansion

Talk Think Do, the fast-growing Dorset tech company specialising in bespoke cloud solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic expansion into the United States.

The expansion is currently in motion, with the tech firm now a registered business in the US. Talk Think Do has secured an office in the centre of Austin Texas, on Sixth Street, and will begin delivering US projects in 2024.

The US expansion marks a pivotal milestone in the company’s journey towards enhancing its offering to a global market. Talk Think Do has a proven track record of success in the EdTech sector, having worked on projects for Explore Learning and Hodder Education in the UK. The decision to expand into the US comes as a result of careful market analysis, recognising the immense potential and demand for advanced software solutions.

Louise Clayton, Managing Director at Talk Think Do, said: “We are delighted to embark on this new chapter of growth and innovation. Talk Think Do’s US expansion presents us with the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders, drive technological advancements, and create solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

“Specifically, we see a gap for a truly expert, custom EdTech solution provider. We’ve had a lot of success building EdTech for customers in the UK and have some strong partnerships. Talk Think Do has been working with the Department for Business and Trade who see education as one of their priority industries to target for export and have identified us as having high export potential.

“As with many industries, the education industry is ripe for disruption from generative AI. We believe there’ll be large investments made over the next 1-5 years in integrating large language models (LLMs) into existing EdTech products and services as well as building brand new ones. Doing this effectively is complex and we’ve been working hard building the expertise to enable us to become a leading supplier in this area.”

The expansion is part of a broader strategy to expand Talk Think Do’s reach to international clients.

Louise explains, “Ultimately, we also see huge opportunity in Asia and the Middle East and plan to offer in-house 24/7 follow-the-sun support, so we expect further locations to follow. While much of our work can be remote, successful projects all hinge on people and relationships. We see face to face contact as a vital part of this and we feel this is also important for US customers, as is having support from a friendly team in your own time zone.”

Talk Think Do’s expansion will enable the business to provide dedicated support and solutions tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by US-based clients. The US operation will facilitate rapid testing of new ideas, driving the continuous evolution of the company’s offerings. The company is committed to upholding its core values of honesty and openness, quiet confidence, and a team first attitude, as it ventures into the US market.

Louise adds, “We’re looking forward to the challenge of working in a new market, which opens the potential for our UK-based team to live and work in the USA, should they wish to. There is a large, thriving EdTech ecosystem in the US, which is well-supported with great conferences. The popular EdTech event, SXSW EDU 2024, is a stone’s throw from our new office in Austin and the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego is the leading EdTech conference worldwide, so we’re pleased to be positioned to appear at both.”

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