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Dorset Chamber – lockdown restrictions response

Posted on: 13/07/2021

Ian Girling, chief executive of the Dorset Chamber, said: “Clearly for many businesses in Dorset it will be an enormous relief that restrictions will largely be lifted as planned.

“It is a positive step forward on the much-needed road to normality but there is still an alarming lack of clarity, particularly surrounding the gradual return to work and wearing of facemasks.

“The government is right to be cautious yet its guidance to business about the return to work must be crystal clear otherwise there is the risk of a fractured, patchwork approach.

“This runs the risk of undermining public trust in the reopening and damaging business confidence while failing to ease the logistical headache being suffered by some firms.

“I look forward to reading the detailed guidance and hope it gives us the clarity we require to move forward safely and productively.”

Ian added: “Undoubtedly, the infection rate will rise in the weeks following ‘Freedom Day’ which in turn could affect businesses if employees and customers need to self-isolate or we see a tightening of restrictions.

“Thankfully, we are moving in the right direction but undoubtedly we can expect some bumps on the road ahead, which would be a much smoother journey with more clarity from those in charge.”


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