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Dorset Chamber Members Working Together to Build Businesses

Posted on: 01/02/2018

Dorset Chamber encourages a philosophy of members working with each other when they need a product or service using the Chamber database of around 700 members.

New to Bournemouth, Echo-U South, have been maximising their Dorset Chamber membership and when they needed a cleaning service for thier new offices, Dorset Chamber was immediately able to help.

Tenders were invited from a number of Chamber members and after a tough process Echo-U chose James Lattimer and his company Dorset Commercial Cleaning and they couldn’t be more delighted with the decision.

Echo-U’s Director Mandy Holford said “James and his team are superb; chosen for his great service offering, ethics and values, James has truly delivered on his promises and made our workplace a sparkling clean pleasure to be in”

Mandy added “In using the Chamber database, not only have we secured superb cleaning services, James has become a real friend in the process. That’s the beauty of Dorset Chamber,  great friendships and partnerships working harmoniously to give us such positive outcomes and superb services. What a fabulous way to do business”

James agrees; “We’re delighted to be working with Mandy and her fast growing team at Echo-U. We value working relationships with businesses who share our values so Echo-U are an excellent fit for us. Dorset Commercial Cleaning are proud members of the Dorset Chamber and I personally have been a council member for over seven years, so I understand the enormous benefits membership of the chamber can have.”

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