Dorset Reclaim welcomes volunteers from Lester Aldridge

Dorset Reclaim, a reuse charity that has been keeping furniture out of landfill for 25 years, had the pleasure of working with Lester Aldridge volunteers at their Bournemouth charity store.

The lobby was in dire need of repainting, having not been painted since the store was rebuilt in 2010 after an arson attack, and now it has never looked better.

Over two days, the volunteers also painted one of the charity’s storage containers and helped to sort through the donations. They found all sorts of curiosities and even worked through a rare spot of Bournemouth snow. It was fun for everyone involved and many good laughs were had.

Everyone left smiling and Darren Campbell, the manager of the store, expressed Dorset Reclaim’s gratitude, “We’re always in need of volunteers so thank you for helping us out and making such a difference”.

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